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Catch-Up 2

After the whole introductory lectures some at the dormitory decided that we should go to a bar. I have to say, drinking is soo expensive here. It’s 500-800yen for a beer (0,4l). Way too much. But good thing is, japanese can’t drink much. So lots of bars and clubs have an “all-you-can-drink” offer which is mostly around 1500yen. Yes, Basicly three beer. After these (or a few more…) you may need to use the bathroom. Now comes the major reason for being a man: Peeing contest. Literally.

The picture is quite blurry (was laughing too hard…). They meausse the amount and the speed of the urine of you and the person next to you and have a nice game animation where the characters drink first and then try to pee each other against the wall. [I should’ve taken a picture of the highscore screen.. Maybe next time] It’s hilarious.

The next day we went to the Kiyomizu-dera (dera means temple). Although half of it was under construction it was worth a visit. I especially liked the surroundings and the small streets.

The last picture was actually taken on the way to the temple. I think it was Heian Shrine.

There was a lot of “strange” stuff. You could buy wooden plates to write your wishes on,

Fortune papers to tell you the future (you keep them if you like them, otherwise you knot them to some place; that’s what they told me),

and of course puppets to write your worries on. Put them in water and when they dissolve, your worries do so as well.

After that we tried hiking to some forest clearing, but it was getting dark (sunset is around 17h30) so we went back. There we found some Baumkuchen (they seem to love it) with green tea.

It seems like I forgot to take a picture of the actual cake. Damn.