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Japanese Embassy

I got my wisdom teeth out on thursday and haven’t been feeling well since then. I go quite a high fever during the weekend. Therefore I spent most of my time in bed. My grandparents helped and cared for me and some Ibuprofen eased the pain.

Best prerequisite to visit the consulate. It was less exciting than I anticipated nontheless. It took us (my mom tagged along aka drove me as I wasn’t ready for the long drive yet. I enjoyed her company as well) about 1 hour to get to Frankfurt. The consulate is located on the 34. floor of the Messetower. I handed the required papers in and we left Frankfurt in less than an hour. I dont get why I had to come personally in the first place an yet again to retrieve the visa. It should be posssible to mail it back to me. But it’s not like I can do anything about it.

One step closer to Japan. 20 days to go.

After I had completed the important stuff I went to see a doctor regarding my fever. He prescribed me some antibiotics along with more Ibuprofen. The stiches will be taken out on thursday. My cheeks are getting green. Can’t wait for it to heal.
I’m going to start studying for the next exam if my condition allows it.