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New Bike

Since my old bike got stolen, my Christmas present would definitely by a new one. Since I like racing bikes and I don't have the budget for a fancy 10k carbon one I once again got a vintage racing bike.

It took me a while to find a used one for my size. Since I have quite long legs I wanted a frame height of at least 62cm. Unfortunately most of the bikes you find are more like 59cm/60cm. The one I finally found is 64cm so almost too big even for me. It's a black/white/pink Winora bike from ~1985 in very good condition, everything original. I'm really happy with it.

After a good clean with the help of YouTube (specifically GCN and Park Tools) I noticed that one of the Pedals is hard to turn. Since this was a "new bike" I decided to give servicing them a try. Again GCN and Park Tools to the rescue for removal and also for the servicing itself (GCN and Park Tools inkl. adjustent of Shimano SPD pedals).

Since I couldn't get the Pedals off at first here a few tips to get them off I gathered on various internet forums:

  • Heat (Heat gun, etc. preferably applied to the crank)
  • Ice spray (if available)
  • Let it soak in WD-40 (or similar)
  • Phosphoric Acid (Coke/Pepsi apparently, didn't dare to coat it in sugar water though)
  • Longer/Special Pedal Wrench
  • Hammer on normal wrench
  • Percussion drill (to loosen the corrosion)
  • Hammer on crank to loosen the corrosion
  • Tenison belt between wrench and crank arm

Remember, that the left side (aka non drive train side) is the exact opposite of the "normal" direction. Always open the screws pushing the wrench towards the back of the bike. I was able to open mine after soaking it in WD-40 over night and some light-medium hits with a hammer on my normal 15mm wrench.

Don't forget to apply some Copperpaste/Anti-Seize or grease on the pedals before screwing them back in!