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Slowly getting there

Starting with the old article from earlier this year:

It took some time, but my application is in it’s final stages.
Last year — in August, to be exact — I wrote my apptication to the „International Students Office“ (IstO) at the KIT. The answer came in November. I have been nominated to spend one year abroad at the Kyoto University! I simply had to sign a document which was attached to the email. After handing in the signed document they told me that they would notify me about further actions in mid December.

So far, so good.

The next email I got was at the beginning of February. I had to give them some trivial information they should have had already — unneccessary, but fine by me.
The problem was — and still is — that I have to hand in various forms and certificates in less than two weeks. This includes a health certificate, statement of purpose, academic transcipt, conversion of my grades and two letters of recommendation among other things. Luckily, I already had some of these.

I have an appointment with my Physician to get this health certificate, so I’m still working on it. The conversion of my grades has to be approved by the BPA („Bachelorprüfungsausschuss“). I’m still working on that one, too.

During all this I mustn’t forget that there are exams ahed.. And I should at least try to apply for a scholarship, because that year isn’t going to be cheap..

I’m gonna go to bed now. It’s late and there’s a lot to do tomorrow.

P.S.: Feedback is welcome. Especially on my use of the English language