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Comments on Ghost on Uberspace 7

This is just a small discussion on options to add comments to Ghost on your fabulous Uberspace. See also Ghost Install on Uberspace 7

tl;dr I wrote a Guide on Installing Commento on Uberspace 7 but then decided to go with Installing Isso on Uberspace 7 because it has support for notifications.


First off: simplest is probably if you just use one of the commenting frameworks available which are explained pretty good on this site like:

  • Disqus
  • Facebook
  • NodeBB
  • Livefyre

If you don't want to rely on a seperate service, like your privacy (or don't like how slow they are) and are not particulary fond of hosting your own nodeBB there are other options:

  • Isso Python + SQLite3 (3135 Stars)
  • Commento Go + SQLite3 (2551 Stars)
  • Schnack Node + SQLite3 (1196)
  • juvia Ruby on Rails + PostgreSQL (1025 Stars)
  • CoralProject Talk Node + MongoDB + Redis (872 Stars)
  • Discourse Ruby on Rails + PostgreSQL + Redis (24666 Stars)

I included the Github stars (as of writing), to show that most of them are already quite established with Discourse being far ahead.

As juvia is currently unmaintained and PostgreSQL and MongoDB aren't currently available at Uberspace 7 I feel like the last three are all too much hassle. They're also kind of overkill for such a small and simple blog.

So let's take a closer look at Commento and Isso:

  • Commento is faster
  • Isso has one level of nesting only
  • Both currenly use SQLite, but commento will implement others
  • Isso is older (more mature?)
  • Isso looks more like Disqus, which I like more.
  • Commento has Akismet support
  • Isso has voting functionality
  • Isso has email notifications

Because I already found a Guide on Isso for Uberspace 7 I thought I'd try it with Commento.

Here is my guide for Installing Commento.

After getting it up and running though I decided that I wanted email notifications, which are currently not supported on Commento. Therefore I wrote a guide on Installing Isso.