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Udon Making Tour II

After the making we walked up some nearby mountain to a shrine.. I can't remember the exact number, but there were about 2000-something steps to climb. After this exhausting hike we were able to enjoy our own self-made udon. We then got on the bus again headed for Kyoto. On the first stop we visited some rice cracker factory. That was mildly interesting. The second one, a mere toilet stop, was more exciting. The place was actually called highway oasis and it was huuuge. Like running for 20min-not-reaching-the-other-side huge. We found a nice playground with an awesome slide which we tried out immediately, of course. There were stone gardens an amphitheatre (kind of) a baseball field and more. Sadly we couldn’t stay longer. I more highway stops were like that. You can see the map in the photos. That’s it about the Udon making trip.