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Trying to practice Japanese

So yesterday I skipped the last class (Philosophy, which is dead boring anyway) to meet up with two other international students at Kodai-ji to see the illuminated trees above. The light show reminded me a bit of Karlsruhe where they had a light show at the castle every night during the summer. Today, not much happend. I went to the iAT Meeting again (a circle for international students and Japanese to meet). Instead of practicing Japanese I ended up talking German with the Japanese srudents again, and then we discussed some English grammar. Later this evening I’m going to a bar again and practice my Japanese for sure. Last time I went there I got invited to some Nihon-shu by some regular. Maybe I can talk with him again today.
It’s hard to keep track of things I mentioned here and things I didn’t mention. Please tell me if something seems to be missing.

Jya mata!