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Udon Making Tour

On Monday and Thursday after the festival I went on the Udon making tour of Kyoto University. The best part: They paid everything. We had a bus and first went to Okayama Castle. There we (me and a fellow international electrical engineer) “repaired” the Japanese PlayStation VR Demonstration. On some parts it was a bit tricky to find out how things work, neither speaking japanese nor owning a PlayStation. The Japanese that lines up behind us waiting it to be fixed were glad when we explained how to use it.. Though we needed both hands and feet to do so.
The garden was beautiful as well :P

One highlight of the two day trip was the Ryokan we stayed at. The food was amazing (I have a picture somewhere, have to upload it later..). The onsen as well (They had a Finnish style sauna with 90°C!) And the beds where the classic futon on tatami floor. During the dinner there was Karaoke as well, so the trip couldn’t get any more Japanese. Near the onsen was the tallest lantern in Japan (wasn’t that high though).
On the next day after a huuuuuge breakfast buffet we went to the udon making place. I still don’t know what exactly happens there. At the beginning we just got some dough and a piece of wood and where told to flatten in out. Then we had to determine a leader and suddenly all “non-leaders” stood on the dough dancing to a song of a viral internet video.. at least here “Pen-Pinapple-Apple-Pen” ( I’ll post a link after this) and the Conan theme song.