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Moving in!

So today was another big day. We slept a little longer, had some small breakfast and headed out. Our first destination was the International Manga Museum (guess why), but that’s closed on wednesdays. So we changed our mind and walked back to the Kyoto History Museum which we walked past earlier. There weren’t many English desciptions, but a volunteer guide showed us the exhibition. After that we decided to take a look at the movie in the second floor (which was included in the price) not realizing that it would be a full fledged movie. Therefore we had to leave midway. Wasn’t that difficult because I didn’t understand a word and Florian (you guessed it right) fell asleep the moment he sat down. It was quite a challenge to keep him from snoring.

After we left we went back to the Hostel got our luggage and went to our accomodations. The staff at my dorm didn’t speak english at all, so he had to ask a japanese student here to go throuh the paperwork with me. He also showed me around and explained the facilities.

There is no sink in my room. An the showers are in the common room. Men and Women are not only on different floors but also prohibited from going on each others floors. The women also have seperate showers, washing mashines and dryer. All accessible with a seperate key. Seems like there has been reoccuring cases of cloth theft?

Oh and there are no visitors allowed after 10pm. The showers are 100¥, the washing machine 200¥. The roof is quite nice. I may post a picture if I don’t forget it.

After that we had dinner together, the local students ordered pizza, because it has been raining all day (and still is!).

So that’s all, to tired to straighten it out. It’s already 3am, have to get up early tomorrow. See ya!