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Today we got up early. With some coffee and bread for breakfast we were able to outsmart the jetleg successfully (more or less). After riding the train from Osaka to Kyoto we took the subway to get close to our hostel. We walked the last part and deposited our luggage there. Then we went to the University to look around the campus and to say hello to Utako, whom we corresponded with via mail. She told us that my luggage may have been found. After calling the airline and confirming the looks of my backpack, they promised to send it to my dorm by the day after tomorrow! Walking around the campus, we finally got some ramen for Flo at one of the cafeterias and found a bicycle shop that “rents” bicycles for around 5000yen for 1 year.
The most hilarious part was that we met an electrical engineering professor who is going to the KIT in Karlsruhe tomorrow for the HeKKSaGOn meeting! He offered us a tour the the engineering laboratories when he returned which we gladly accepted.
At the evening we went through the tourist part of Kyoto ate something and tried the Japanese beer. Is there a better way to finish the day?